Takegawa BEARING CrankSupport BEARING - '13-'15 Honda GROM "OG" ONLY - 01-10-0134

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Takegawa Crank Shaft Support Bearing
- '13-'15 Honda GROM "OG" ONLY

p.n. 01-10-0134

Please be sure to Check your Crank BEFORE installing.
This isn’t a magic fix for a “Out Of spec.” crank.
This is ONLY Designed to help support a Crank that is “Within Spec” .

NOTE: This WILL NOT FIT with Aftermarket Flywheels.
NOTE : if you've replaced your OEM Stator with a SF Stator, or any aftermarket stator, this will NOT WORK. 
If you've replaced ANYTHING ELSE inside this cover or near where this part installs, this part may not work.



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