Kitaco Clutch Cover '13-'20 Honda GROM / GROM SF (IN STOCK)

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Watch this video for more details :
Kitaco Clutch Cover - BLACK 307-1432200 , Silver  307-1432210

Fits '13-'20  Honda GROM / GROM SF

- Now Oil Changes are a simple Filter Cartridge Swap. (no more needing to remove covers, wipe spinners, and replace gaskets)

- Eliminates Oil Spinner (less rotating Mass)

- Built in SITE GLASS for Oil Level Check (Big Plus)

- Oil Ports for Connecting to an Kitaco Oil Cooler

- Uses Readily Available Replacement Cartridge Filter: OEM Honda p.n. 15412-HB6-003

Cover, will ONLY Be offered IN BLACK or SILVER

Be sure to add the "optional" Tools to make the install easier.



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