Sena Tufftalk LITE Bluetooth Headset Comm. System (Single Unit)


Lite Design, Heavy Protection

The Bluetooth 4.1 enabled Tufftalk Lite is a lower profile and cost-effective version of the original Tufftalk. The lightweight headset allows users to communicate with 3 other workers over 800m, listen to music, and even connect to a smartphone to take and make calls. Seamless Bluetooth intercom communication allows users to talk without interruption, with HD-quality speakers and Advanced Noise Control technology delivering audio that’s clear in even the loudest of work environments.

Connection & Protection

Tufftalk Lite adds an extra degree of protection in noisy workplaces by helping to dull loud or distracting sounds for optimum comfort as well as providing the necessary protection from permanent hearing loss. Tufftalk Lite has a Noise Reduction Rating of 21 dB, and still provides vital awareness of threats on the job through instant communication with coworkers instead of shouting or hand signals.

Shield what Matters Most

Depending on the regulations of your jobsite, Tufftalk Lite also comes in a hardhat mounted version. Protect your head and hearing at the same time with Tufftalk Lite, lightweight communication headsets. Communication in construction and other loud industrial jobs can be life or death.

Versatile Connectivity with TuffTalk-Lite

Using Bluetooth 4.1, pair the Tufftalk Lite to your smartphone or Bluetooth music device to make or receive calls and listen to music through the HD speakers. Use the Sena Smartphone App to easily configure settings, set up speed dial presets or create FM radio station presets to listen to through the built-in FM radio feature. Industrial communication has never been so simple.


  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Up to 800m Range in OPEN Terrain
  • 13 hour talk time
  • Supports up to 4 Users
  • Sena Advanced Noise Control
  • 21 dB audio attenuation
  • VOX voice activation for hands free calling and intercom
  • Built-in FM Radio Tuner  76 ~ 108MHz
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery (included)